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Bradford White vs Ao Smith Water Heaters: Which is better for you?

You just bought a new home, and you are looking for the best water heater to fit your needs. What is the difference between Bradford White and Ao Smith? There are many features that make these two different types of heaters so unique on their own. With our help, you will be able to decide which one would work better for your needs.

Bradford White Water Heaters Overview


Tankless water heaters are more durable and last approximately 20 years compared to tank waters, which last approximately 10-15 years. The longer the warranty period provided by a company, the more durable their product is. Bradford White offers a 6-year warranty period, which is less than AO Smith’s. Most water heaters only offer 6 to 12 years of warranty, so Bradford White is not bad for offering a longer warranty.

In terms of lifespan, Bradford White water heaters can live up to 10 years while other models usually last around 8 years. Keep in mind that these numbers vary depending on usage and maintenance frequency

Energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, there are a few things you should consider. AO Smith water heaters are not energy star rated, but they still use less energy than traditional gas or electric water heaters. However, some other brands may be more efficient than AO Smith. The Bradford White water heater is the most energy-efficient option available, with a high energy star rating. There are three models to choose from, with the lowest UEF efficiency of 3.39. The AeroTherm Series gives you greater control over your water heater’s energy consumption, so you can save even more money on your utility bills. The 48-gallon capacity is also the lowest-rated in the Bradford White lineup, but it offers a first-hour rating of 65-87 gallons per hour, which is one of the highest in their lineup.

Flow rate

Flow rate is the speed at which hot water flows from a water heater. A Bradford White water heater gives you hot water fast with its high flow rate. The higher the flow rate, the faster it can give you hot water. For example, a Bradford White has a lower speed than other brands of water heaters in its category but it makes up for it with its quick heating time. These water heaters take a while to heat up, but once they do they have a flow rate of 4.6 GPM or less, which is low compared to AO Smith’s 10 GPM


AO Smith water heaters offer great performance. All of their water heaters are 100% soundproof and have 240-volt electricity, making them the best heater of their kind on the market! Tankless water heaters are more efficient but generally cost more; however, they can save you money in the long run. Solar water heaters offer a great return on investment, but homeowners must consider whether they are suited for their climate and home. Solar water heaters typically cost more than other options and can be mounted on the roof, which some homeowners might not like the looks of.

Power supply

When choosing a water heater, it is important to consider the power supply. The higher the voltage, the better performance and the lower voltage, the more energy is saved.


The prices for Bradford White Water Heaters are reasonable because they lack advanced features like AO Smiths do not. However, the quality of their products is much higher than AO Smith’s, making it a better value in the long run. Although they are more expensive than other brands on the market, Bradford Whites are still a great value for your money.

AO Smith Water Heaters Overview


Water heaters come in two main types: tank and tankless. Tank water heaters have a storage tank that holds a certain amount of water, which is heated and then released as needed. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, only heat water when it is needed, so they take up less space.

Both types of water heaters have different lifespans. Tank water heaters typically last 8-12 years, while tankless water heaters can last 15-20 years. Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your water heater.

The longer the warranty period provided by a company, the more durable their product is likely to be. The warranty period for AO Smith Water Heaters is 6-12 years, while Bradford White offers a warranty of 6 years. While most water heaters only offer 3-4 year warranties, AO Smith provides a 12-year warranty on their products. The Bradford Whitewater heater has a 10-year warranty.

The installation cost can range from $600 to $2000, depending on the model and complexity of the installation

Energy efficiency

AO Smith water heaters are not energy star rated, so they may use more energy than other brands. However, AO Smith still uses less energy than traditional heaters. The Bradford White 50-Gallon Energy Star water heater has a bypass mode for energy savings.

The Bradford White 65- and 80- Gallon Energy Star water heaters have three operation modes for increased efficiency: Heat Pump, Hybrid, and Electric. The Bradford White 60-Gallon Economy Series AO Smith water heater is energy efficient (UEF is 3). It heats the water faster than most standard electric resistance heaters without using more electricity.

Water heaters that have an average water heating capacity of 48 gallons per hour are available in many different sizes to fit your needs. The first-hour rating is from 65 to 87 gallons – this means that the tank can supply up to 65 to 87 gallons of hot water within the first hour of operation at full capacity.

Flow rate

Flow rate is the speed at which a water heater can produce hot water. It is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). AO Smith heaters have a flow rate up to 10 GPM, whereas other brands have a much lower flow rate. This means that you will get hot water faster with an AO Smith heater. However, it is worth noting that even though these heaters have a high flow rate, their performance is still good. In addition, their build quality and noise levels are commendable.


When looking for a water heater, it is important to consider the performance of the unit. The AO Smith water heater provides great performance and is durable. Additionally, the Bradford White heaters are quieter, but they provide a lower flow rate than the AO Smith. If you are looking for an efficient water heater with plenty of power, then the Rheem Performance Platinum XG50S12DM40U0 has 240 volts of energy which allows for better performance!

Power supply

When looking for a water heater, it’s important to consider the power supply. Higher voltage means more power, so choose that if efficiency is important. The Bradford White AO Smith utilizes 240 volts instead of just 120 to 220, which indicates a higher performance level.


The AO Smith water heater is a high-quality, dependable product that offers low prices due to its lack of advanced features. The price tag increases as the water heater become more advanced and incorporate higher capacity models.

AO Smith vs. Bradford White – Comparison

AO Smith Water Heaters

AO Smith is known for its high-end products, while Bradford White has more affordable options. However, AO Smith and Bradford White both have a large range of products on offer with different features.

AO Smith makes many different products, from residential water heaters to commercial boilers. It also offers a wide variety of tankless water heaters.

AO Smith has a long history in the United States and has been making high-quality products for a long time. It is an American manufacturer with excellent features, including high build quality and a 6-year limited warranty on its natural gas models.

The flow rate indicator determines how fast the water heater heats up; this ensures that you can enjoy your shower more without having to wait for the water to get hot. The AO Smith’s performance is exceptional as it has a sturdy design and builds quality, along with an efficient design of its own product

Bradford White Water Heaters

Bradford White is a tough competitor to AO Smith. Bradford White offers different water heater options, and they are an American company that manufactures water heaters. They offer natural gas and electric water heaters, among others.

Bradford White also offers both a 6 gallon and 12-gallon tank. The Bradford White RE120U6-1NAL is $100 cheaper than the AO Smith model. The Bradford White’s models are heavier, but it has more water connections on the side of their tank.

The warranty period is a strong indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product – Bradford White is offering a 6-year warranty, meaning they are confident that it will not fail for six years without issue. The efficiency of Bradford White water heaters is also great as they consume less power than other brands and run longer with fewer issues; their heating system consumes up to 20% less energy by using the same amount of hot water as before

Table of comparison: AO Smith vs. Bradford White

Bradford White AO Smith
Energy efficiency Energy Star-qualified Utilizes less power than a regular heater
Flow rate Up to 4.4 GPM Up to 10 GPM
Noiseless operation Soundproof operation Not as soundproof as Bradford White
Lifespan Less than 6 years Less than 12 years
Power supply 240 voltage 120 voltage
Top picks Bradford White BWC RE350S6 Water Heater
Bradford White RE120U6 Water Heater
Bradford White RE16U6 Water Heater
AO Smith BT 100 Tank Water Heater
AO Smith LTE-66D Water Heater
AO Smith ENS-50 ProMax Water Heater

AO Smith vs. Bradford White Water Heaters: What to Consider before buying.

Water heater types

There are three main types of water heaters – electric, gas, and tankless. Electric water heaters are more efficient than gas or propane. They also tend to last longer.

Water heaters with 55-gallon tanks can be the most cost-effective option for many people. Tankless water heaters are more affordable and easier to install. However, they don’t always provide enough hot water for households with multiple people taking showers at the same time. Each brand offers a different type of water heater, from gas to electric to hybrid options. Reviews for each model can be found below the list.

Energy efficiency

When it comes to water heaters, energy efficiency is a key factor to consider. AO Smith does not have energy-star rated water heaters. The brand has less energy usage than traditional models, but its units are not energy-star rated. AO Smith is a good choice for those who want to save some money on their electric bills and don’t mind the lower performance of non-energy star rated products.

The Bradford White Heaters come with an energy star rating which assures you of saving money in the long run. Their AeroTherm Series has four modes which include Heat Pump, Hybrid, Electric, and Vacation mode. The three models listed are 50 gallon, 65 gallon, and 80-gallon sizes.

This water heater has a first-hour rating of 65 to 87 gallons; this rate is only as good as the previous one so be sure your home can handle that demand! If you’re looking for maximum efficiency and savings year after year then look no further – the Bradford White Heater is your best option!

Flow rate

Flow rate is the amount of water going through the heater in gallons per minute, with higher rates indicating faster hot water production. AO Smith manufactures water heaters that have a higher flow rate than other brands. However, Bradford White Water Heaters has a lower flow rate, which decreases waiting time for hot showers and offers more efficient performance. It’s important to consider balance when buying a water heater as it can affect your comfort level. This water heater operates at a reasonable noise level, even if it isn’t 100% silent. The durable build and commendable performance make them an excellent choice for most people

Design and durability

When you are looking to buy a water heater, it is important to consider both the design and the durability of the product. Some water heaters are more durable than others, and some have features that make them more efficient. It is also important to think about how long you plan on using the heater. If you plan on having it for many years, then you may want to invest in a better-quality model.

Venting options

There are three types of venting systems: Atmospheric venting is the most common type and releases gasses into the atmosphere by drawing flues out of the heater through a vertically placed metal pipe.

The Bradford White model is the most flexible of the three models as it can be vented using either an atmospheric or power-vent system. It also has a lower profile to install, making it more convenient. The Heat Master unit cannot be used with an atmospheric venting system; it must use a power-vent system.


When choosing a water heater, it is important to consider the size of the unit. You want to make sure that the water heater will fit in your bathroom without any problems. You also need to think about how much hot water you will need at one time. If you have a large family or run a business, you may need a larger water heater than someone who lives alone.

Operational cost

The annual cost to run a gas water heater is about $250, while the electric version costs more upfront but less on an annual basis. The reason for this discrepancy is that natural gas heaters produce more heat than electricity-powered ones. Tankless water heaters are more expensive than tank water heaters, and usually need to be sized for an entire house rather than just one point of use. So, even though they don’t have a tank, you’re still going to be paying for the convenience of hot water on demand instead of having to wait for a tank to fill up.

In general, it takes about $1,500 to install a new water heater on your own if you’re not doing it proactively when the time comes for replacement. That’s assuming you already have running cold water and drainage nearby. The price of the water heater is often based on labor and fittings, plumbing supplies, permits required, disposal of the old model and installation costs – which can all add up quickly.

Tank water heaters can be found in sizes from 30 to 80 gallons with prices varying depending on features and quality; however, an expensive water heater can cost more than triple the national average. A plumber is required to install and/or replace a water heater, which will also vary according to where you live in the US.


Tank water heaters typically last 10-15 years, while tankless ones have a lifespan of 20 years. However, it is important to remember that proper maintenance is key. Make sure the company you are buying from provides routine and thorough service plans that include cleaning and inspections. The longer the warranty period provided by a company, the more durable their product is. For example, AO Smith offers a 12-year warranty on the usual parts and 6 years warranty on major components; Bradford White offers a 6-year warranty period.


Technology has come a long way, and water heaters are no exception. There are now a number of features to consider when purchasing a new water heater. For example:

Controllable units allow users to adjust settings easily, saving time and energy. Glass-lined tanks protect steel from corrosion and are more energy-efficient than regular water heaters – by utilizing a hybrid unit, users can save even more money on their energy bills.

AO Smith is the best option for consumers, with a great warranty and low price point. There is no need to convert from natural gas to propane in order to use AO Smiths because they come with integrated flush valves and other features which help make life easier. The estimate user guide offers more information about how AO Smith operates, so be sure to check it out before making your purchase.

Bradford White vs Ao Smith Water Heaters: Which one is better?

When it comes to water heaters, there are a few different types you can choose from. The two most popular ones are the Bradford White and the Ao Smith. Both have their pros and cons, so how do you know which one is right for you?

The first thing to consider is price. The Bradford White is more expensive than the Ao Smith, but it also has a longer warranty. Another thing to think about is availability. The Bradford White water heater is hard to find and sold only through supply houses or plumbers, while the Ao Smith can be bought at most hardware stores.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. Consider all of the facts and make a choice that’s best for you and your home.


Does A. O. Smith make a good water heater?

There is a lot of debate on what brand makes the best water heater. Yes, AO Smith makes good water heaters, but there are other brands that make good water heaters as well. Bradford White makes some of the best water heaters on the market today. It is important to understand how each brand makes their water heaters and what they put into them.

Why is the Bradford White water heater so expensive?

The Bradford White water heater is expensive because it is a quality product. The company stands by its product with a 6 or 10-year warranty, depending on the model. Home Depot found that the cost of replacing a residential tank water heater is usually between $1,200 and $2,000 for new ones. The average cost of a water heater is $1,500 when installed by a pro. A tankless water heater can be purchased for $800 to $1,200. Tank-style water heaters are cheaper if you do it yourself – the price of the water heater is one of the most important factors in determining the cost.

The labor rate, fittings and plumbing supplies, permits, disposal and running of new electric and gas lines are some other factors that determine water heater cost. Heating can cost significantly more in some areas–you might find it hard to find a reliable plumbing company to install your heater.

Is A. O. Smith the same as Bradford White?

AO Smith and Bradford White are two of the most popular brands of water heaters. They both offer a wide range of products, including tank and tankless water heaters. However, they are not the same company. AO Smith is based in the United States, while Bradford White is based in Canada.

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