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Why Does My Zero Water Filter Water Taste like Lemon?

why zero water filter taste like lemon

The Zero Water Filter has been designed to remove 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and chlorine, thereby reducing the need for expensive bottled drinking water. However, it can be quite a shock when your Zero Water filter starts to have a sour or lemon-like taste.

There are a bunch of reasons why your zero water filter water tastes like lemon. This article will cover some likely explanations and give you tips on how to avoid this problem in the future.

Summary Table: Solutions for Zero Water Filter with Lemon Taste

# Solutions Description Benefits Price Range Check Product on Amazon
1 Upgrade Your Filter Experience Say goodbye to lemony water taste with a powerful, innovative, and efficient Zero Water Filter. -Enhanced water taste
-Efficient filtration
-Easy installation
$$ Discover Zero Water Filter
2 Transform Your Pitcher Invest in a stylish, durable, and user-friendly Zero Water Pitcher that complements your kitchen and enhances your water drinking experience. -Sleek design
-High capacity
-Convenient use
$$ Upgrade to Zero Water Pitcher
3 Get a TDS Meter Monitor your water quality with an easy-to-use, accurate TDS meter to ensure your filter is working efficiently and your water is always at its best. -Accurate readings
$ Buy a TDS Meter
4 Replace Your Filter Regularly Keep your water fresh and tasting great by stocking up on high-quality Zero Water replacement filters to ensure optimal performance at all times. -Consistent water quality
-Long-lasting filters
-Easy to replace
$$ Shop Replacement Filters
5 Opt for a Faucet Mount Filter Upgrade your filtration system with a Zero Water faucet mount filter for easy access to clean, fresh-tasting water directly from your tap. Space-saving
-High-performance filtration
$$$ Choose a Faucet Mount Filter

Why does my water filter taste like lemon?

The taste of your water is commonly affected by the time which it takes for a filter to expire. Filters typically last about six months and some may even go up to three years before they must be replaced.

The most common cause of your ZeroWater filter giving your water a somewhat acidic lemon taste is a buildup of TDS. Any observable change in taste or odor is a frequent indicator that your ZeroWater filter needs to be replaced.

This is due to the fact that ZeroWater filters decrease 99.6 percent of TDS, including lead and other heavy metals! When a filter reaches the end of its useful life, it may emit a lemon flavor or odor.

Water with a pH of three or below tastes pleasantly sour or acidic, especially when blended with sugar, according to researchers. That is why sodas and fruit drinks taste so delicious.

If your water filter is past its expiry date, then that’s the reason why it tastes like lemon. If you use filtered water past its expiration date and don’t change out the filters as needed, they’ll become acidic and may taste bad.

The water filter has a shelf life, meaning it can become acidic over time. Filters are designed to stop the passage of particles through their pores that could cause damage or alter the taste of your tap water. However, if your filters have been exposed to air for too long they may start tasting like lemon when you pour them into a glass.

The explanation is likely to be a result of all the metal and other contaminants that are stuck in it. These metals get into your drinking water through various sources such as construction sites, farm fields, power plants, etc.

If you’re using a filter on an ongoing basis or if there’s not enough time for all these metals to settle out then they might end up getting filtered into your water supply.

If and when your Zero water filter begins to taste like lemon, you have many options.

  • Rinse the filter thoroughly.
  • Check that the pitcher and other filter components are in good working order.
  • Replace the filter
  • Check the TDS levels in the filtered water with your TDS meter.
  • Ascertain that you are filtering cold water rather than warm or hot water.

Does zero Water Filter Expire?

Yes, if you use your zero water filter after its expiry date, which is 20 gallons for pitchers and 400 gallons for faucet mount filters, it may have expired.

The taste of your water is largely dependent on the effectiveness of your filter. The amount of impurities in the water indicates that the filter has lost its ability to purify it effectively.

Zero Water filters are designed to be used for long periods of time, but they do expire. If you want your filter to last longer than the three-year warranty period, it’s best not to use tap water in the filtration process and instead only use filtered or bottled water.

Zero water filters are replaceable but they last long enough to be replaced when they start tasting bad. The filter will get gross after time, so it’s best to just replace them with a fresh one every few months.

How to replace a Zero Water Filter

To replace your zero water filter, disassemble the filtration system, remove the old filter by turning it anticlockwise from its base, remove the package and blue cap from the new filter, and install by rotating it clockwise from its base until there is a full seal.

When the lid is removed, it’s easy to access the filter and replace it. To remove the reservoir, press on one of its sides with your thumb. The Zero Water Filter can be replaced by pressing down on the bottom of the water tank until two tabs are released.

The new filter should be securely placed in place without any gaps between it and the lid or reservoir before replacing both pieces back onto their respective holders.

If you find that your water taste like lemon after installing a new filter, it has probably been left in the lid.


If you’re noticing a strange taste in your water, it may be due to the filter. The Zero Water filters are designed with an air-tight seal that prevents leaks from getting into the reservoir and contaminating your drinking water.

However, there is a way around this problem: if you notice any leakage or if something has been placed inside of the housing during installation then just replace your old filter with a new one. You should also disconnect power before attempting to remove or install anything on top of your system.

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Wateriit.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

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