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How To Replace Your Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter

This guide is to help you replace your refrigerator water filter. The process, while fairly simple, can be tricky without the right tools and knowledge of what goes where in a refrigerator.

You are so tired of buying or replacing these filters because they always get clogged up with calcium deposits over time. It’s hard to find one that works well enough for you so why not give this replacement project a go?

Kenmore refrigerator water filters are designed to work for up to six months before they need to be replaced. You should always replace your filter every six months, or when you notice a decrease in water pressure or that your fridge is leaking.

Just follow these quick steps to replace your Kenmore refrigerator water filter.

  1. Remove the new water filter from the box and remove the two red shipping caps from the filter’s end.
  2. As seen in the photographs, the water filter is positioned on the front panel, near the floor.
  3. To release the filter, press the release button located directly to the left of the water filter grille cover.
  4. Twist the grille cap counterclockwise to remove it from the filter.
  5. Replace the replacement water filter’s grille cap.
  6. Place the new water filter in the refrigerator, making sure that the words on the filter are facing up.
  7. Insert the water filter until it snaps into position.

How To Replace Your Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter

How to change the water filter in a Kenmore refrigerator -Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Disconnect the power supply.

When tinkering with your machine, it is best to cut off the power supply. This decreases the possibility of mishaps such as electric shocks.

Step 2: Shut off the water supply.

You should switch off the water supply to the refrigerator before changing the filter since you don’t want water flowing in and spilling all over the place.

Even after shutting off the water supply, keep a towel nearby to mop up any leftover water in the filter and avoid a mess.

Step 3: Discard the Old Water Filter

To remove the old water filter, take hold of the filter knob (or dial) and twist it counterclockwise to free it from the filter cartridge. Pull remove the old filter once you’ve been liberated.

Please keep in mind that for some refrigerator models, you must first click the “Eject” button or pull a tab to access the filter chamber before turning the knob and removing the filter. This is more prevalent for filters situated on the inside of the refrigerator.

Confirm once again with the directions in your user’s handbook. Remove the top knob handle and discard the filter once the old filter has been removed.

Step 4: Put in a New Filter

Remove the new water filter package as well as the protective cap or seal at the end. After that, transfer the knob handle from the old filter onto the new one.

Once it’s in position, insert the filter into the filter cartridge and tighten the knob clockwise to secure it. Remember to close the compartment latch if there is one on an inside filter compartment.

In addition, if your filter is a “push-in” kind, you may not require a knob handle; simply insert the filter into the port supplied and spin clockwise.

Step 5: Reset The Filter Button After Turning On The Power Supply

After installing your new filter, reconnect the power supply and reset the filter indication to normal.

Locate your “Filter Reset” button and hold it down for around 3 seconds. The warning color (red or yellow) on your filter indicator light should change to the original color (usually green or blue).

For some, the light should be entirely turned off until it is necessary to advise you to change your filter again. However, this is dependent on the model of the Kenmore refrigerator. If it doesn’t go back to normal, remove the new filter and re-insert it.

Step 6: Restart the water supply and purge the new filter.

After properly installing your new water filter, remember to reconnect your water supply. Run a gallon of water through the new filter as well. This aids in the removal of air from the water lines as well as the removal of carbon residue from the new filter. Remove this purge water and you’re done!

Why Should You Change The Water Filter In A Kenmore Refrigerator

The refrigerator water filter in your Kenmore Refrigerator can cause bad odor and taste to come through. It is recommended that you replace the water filters every six months, but if it has been over a year since you last replaced it or if there are visible signs of blockage, then it should be changed immediately.

Changing the water filter in a Kenmore refrigerator is an easy and cost-effective way to improve your family’s health. The filters have been tested by NSF International, which ensures that they are safe for drinking from any source of water, including wells or rivers. When you replace your current filter with one of these models on Amazon, it will ensure cleaner and healthier food in the fridge at all times.

When Should You Change the Water Filter In Your Kenmore Refrigerator?

It is advised that you change the filter in your refrigerator every 6 months. Because there is such a lengthy period of time between changes, you may find yourself forgetting to change on time. As a result, it is beneficial to check the water filter indicator on a regular basis and to set reminders ahead of time.

Keep in mind that depending on how quickly your water filter becomes clogged, you may need to change it sooner. This is especially true if you live in a region with hard water or a limited supply of clean water.

If you notice a difference in the taste, smell, or quality of your water, it might be a hint that it’s time to change the water filter, whether it’s been 6 months or not.

How do you get a stuck water filter out of a Kenmore refrigerator?

It is critical to replace your refrigerator water filter on a regular basis if you want fresh, clean water. However, the old water filter might become stuck in its housing, and the freshly fitted filter can leak. This video includes instructions for removing the old filter and installing a new one.

If you are having trouble getting your Kenmore refrigerator’s water filter out, consult the user manual first. The instructions for this should be somewhere in the back of the manual if it is not online.

In the event that you have a stuck water filter in your Kenmore fridge, it is possible to hire someone to come and replace it for you. However, this will cost more money than having a professional fix the problem without any extra costs.

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Wateriit.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

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